About Japan Down syndrome Society (JDS)


Japan Down syndrome Society (JDS)
There was a support group "Koyagi-no-kai" established in 1963. And also a non-profit organization "Kobato-kai" was founded in 1964. These two and other groups in each area of Japan joined to establish JDS.
2013, as a non-profit organization, with the approval of the Minister of International Trade and Industry of Japan.
3-43-11 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 170-0005

JDS Leaflet in English

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From The Chief Director Tamai Kunio

Our society was established 11 years ago, and it has now been six years since we obtained foundation status. In recent years, we have focused on many issues related to adulthood, as well as keeping up with child care, which has achieved a certain level of maturity in the general social welfare system. In 2006 we conducted our first seminar targeting professionals. We were very pleased with the number of applications we received, which was far more than we could accommodate. It reinforced for us once again the importance of spreading the most up-to-date information among those whose work involves Down syndrome. The new bicycle course we started has also produced results beyond our expectations, and will likely continue to do so. We want to continue to provide benefits to all of our members. By analyzing the results of past meetings, we will seek to provide even better forums for our national conventions, which are held every other year.

There has been some concern expressed regarding the implementation of the Independent Support Law ? that social welfare services will decline and the individual burden will increase. In the field of education, we welcome the full implementation of programs for children considered to have gmildh special needs. However, we cannot overlook it if there is a connection between this focus and declining service for gconventionalh mental handicaps. If this is the case, we must expand the whole gpieh for children with special educational needs. We must decide how to be most effective as a national association in order for these changes to take place in the system. We also feel a need to develop more diversified efforts.

The activities of a national organization cannot take place without the efforts of local branches and individual members. We ask that you continue your endeavors, so that "thinking about our children" always includes "thinking about our children with Down syndrome".

JDS Branch Groups

There are about 5800 members in 55 branch groups (Dec 2014).
JDS branches all over Japan can support you to get regional infomation about Down syndrome or kids with DS.