JDS News, December 2014 issue contents

Result of questionnaire: first grade of elementary school 2014 (4/final)

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Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities and development of a domestic legal framework Vol.1: Basic Law on Persons with Disabilities

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JDS Declaration

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Cover story:
My son gives me the joys of life
<Ms. Ake Matsunami, Tokyo>

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Income tax exemption can be applied to donations given to JDS
Viewpoints of persons with disabilities

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“It is not a dream to us!”

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Visiting Down Syndrome Welfare Building in Seoul
~ Towards the memorial concert at World Down Syndrome Day 2015 ~
<Ms. Moyuru Oda, Marinba player, Chiba>

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◎revised edition of a mini book on Down syndrome:
 “For the new parents of a child with down syndrome”
◎Non-invasive prenatal genetic test and us
 – what NIPT has been questioning us -

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[Advertisement] ”Anshin Hoken (insurance)” by Zenchi Kyosai

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A day trip to Yamanashi coordinated by the JDS Tokyo Bunkyo brunch “Healed by fresh vegetables and interacting with horses”
<Ms. Tomoko Kameyama, Tokyo>

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Reporting: Day 2 of the training seminar for JDS consultation staff (vol.3)
“Children with Down syndrome at school ~Roles of the teachers ~”
<Mr. Koichi Sato, a school teacher at Miyagi Koumei Special Education School >

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Infant Development Consultation No.230
The book shelf at my house
<Ms. Mari Igarashi, a consultation staff>

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Message from the Directors: October

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Notes from the Office: 10/1~10/31

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Information Bulletin

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* For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages six and seven.

JDS News, December comment on cover page

Nobutaka Matsunami, 14-year-old junior high school student from Tokyo, is growing up healthy and spiritually rich as the youngest among the five siblings. He loves his grandmother, Tsune Furuyama, who understands his favorites well.