JDS News, November 2014 issue contents

Establishment of Toyama branch as the 55th branches of JDS

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Reporting on the Tokyo Meeting among the organizations supporting the people with developmental disabilities

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Reporting on the 9th summer seminar on the adulthood issue Viewpoints of persons with disabilities

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Appointment of Ms. Riyo Kano (member of Tokyo Meguro sub-branch) as one of the committee members of the Committee on policies for people with disabilities

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The 19th national seminar “unconstrained mind and living” in Tokyo

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◎Oldest son of the Tachibana family –a growing record of Yunta-
◎I am a mother of a child with Down syndrome!

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Cover story:
With the gift from the heaven
<Ms. Yumi Ohmura, Shizuoka>

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[Copy of newspaper article]
A hula girl with Down syndrome to be reprinted on the popular demand

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Reporting: Day 2 of the training seminar for JDS consultation staff (vol.2)
“Children with Down syndrome at school ~Roles of the teachres ~”
<Mr. Koichi Sato, a school teacher at Miyagi Koumei Special Education School >

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Result of questionnaire: first grade of elementary school 2014 (3)

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Infant Development Consultation No.229
Enjoy reading books for your child
<Ms. Kaori Hosokawa, a consultation staff>

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Message from the Directors: September

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Notes from the Office: 9/1~9/30

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Information Bulletin

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* For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages eight and nine.

JDS News, November comment on cover page

Gouki Ohmura, 7-year-old boy from Shizuoka, has grown to be a book lover and challenger on all things now that he became a fist grade student at a special education school for the visually impaired persons.