JDS News, October 2014 issue contents

On the occasion of publication of the 500th volume of JDS News

Importance of regulating one’s life
<Mr. Makoto Higurashi, Honorary professor, the University of Tokyo>

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Providing support by looking ahead the future
<Mr. Atsushi Kanno, Professor, Tokyo Gakugei University>

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Let’s live in the society together
<Ms. Hatsuko Kawana, Waseda University>

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Wishing for a further success of JDS
<Mr. Masahiro Ohko, Chairman, Tokyo Yoyogi Lion’s Club>

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Having been involved in the printing of the JDS News
<Mr. Hiromitsu Nakamura, Managing Director, Kotobuki Printing, Ltd.>

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Special Note on the 500th volume of JDS News
The “Beginning of the JDS News”
<Mr. Hiroshi Usui, former Chair and current PR committee member of JDS>

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Cover story:
Leading a normal life now, after four years from the East Japan Earthquake
<Ms. Takako Okukawa, Fukushima>

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A special music festival “Ohaie”
<Mr. Akinori Kikuchi, Scenario writer & director of the movie “Ohaie 2” >

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Result of questionnaire: first grade of elementary school 2014 (2)

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Infant Development Consultation No.228
Getting ready for schooling at the kindergartens and nurseries
<Ms. Kazue Fujii, a consultation staff>

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Leaflet targeting general audience for donation

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Message from the Directors: August

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Notes from the Office: 8/1~8/31

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Information Bulletin

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* For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages ten and eleven.

* Reporting on Day 2 of the training seminar for JDS consultation staff (vol.2) lectured by Mr. Koichi Sato, a school teacher at Miyagi Koumei Special Education School would be printed on the November issue.

JDS News, October comment on cover page

Shuto Okukawa, 15-year-old high school student from Fukushima, received an award for excellence at the Slogan contest held by the Central Community Chest of Japan (CCCJ), part of the United Way worldwide network and is a fundraising organization for various community works. He has been leading a peaceful life after overcoming the East Japan Earthquake.