JDS News, August 2014 issue contents

Greeting from the representative director, Mr. Kunio Tamai, upon completion of the Board of Trustees meeting

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Administrative Note on membership fee payment and donation

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The first meeting of the Board of Trustees after becoming a public interest incorporated foundation

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List of members on the Board of Trustees, directors, and auditors

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Clarification for the changes in the JDS membership

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[Newspaper Article]
More support is needed for continuing pregnancy ~on the new prenatal testing~
<Ms. Waka Otozu, a staff of Tokyo Metropolitan Office>

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To support the decisions made by each person facing the pre-natal testing
<Ms. Yuko Fukuyama, Director, Culture and Welfare programs, NHK Broadcasting Association>

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Cover story: Please live gratefully for all the support you receive
<Ms. Yukiko Matsuno, Tokyo>

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Results of questionnaire on the photo exhibition “Shifting Perspectives” (2)
<Ms. Maiko Watanabe, co-planner of “Shifting Perspectives” in Japan>

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”Anshin Hoken (insurance)” by Zenchi Kyosai

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Nature School “Forest of Taiyo Life Insurance” filled with smiles
◎Supporting to maintain healthy forest which brings happiness to the visitors
 <Mr. Kiyoshige Akiyama, General Affairs Dept., Taiyo Life Insurance Co.>
◎Time filled with Joy and tenderness in the forest
 <Mr. Yoko Yamakawa, JDS Tochigi Branch>

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Infant Development Consultation No.226
On the selection of pre-school nurseries and/or kindergartens
<Ms. Kazue Fujii, a consultation staff>

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Message from the Directors: June

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Notes from the Office: 6/1~6/30

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Information Bulletin

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages ten and eleven.

JDS News, August comment on cover page

Nagisa Matsuno, 18-year-old high school student from Tokyo, dances with “Rock’n Soran” at the PE festival, which was the last event for her as a student, at her high school for hearing impaired children.