JDS News, July 2014 issue contents

Development of domestic laws relating to the Convention on the rights of the persons with disabilities

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Clarification for the changes in the JDS membership

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How to apply for a JDS seminar “Roles of teachers for children with Down syndrome in classrooms”

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[Reporting on WDSD] Dance events in eastern and western Japan

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Results of questionnaire on the photo exhibition “Shifting Perspectives” (1)
<Ms. Maiko Watanabe, co-planner of “Shifting Perspectives” in Japan>

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Postcards and catalogues of the exhibition are on sale!

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Cover story: The idol of our family is now a junior high student”
<Ms. Satomi Kobayashi, Fukui Prefecture>

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Outsider Art Fair 2014 in New York
<Ms. Yukoko Koide, an independent curator>

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[Copy] Pieces of art work with extraordinary visions and unique techniques

Voices of the Self-advocates (No.9)
“My dream”
<Mr. Toshiaki Takahashi, 22 years old, Gunma>

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[This is our lives Today - Pages on Adulthood issues]
Won a “nice synchronized prize” in duet
<Ms. Hiroko Yamaguchi, Tokyo>

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Visit to Tokyo by Mr. Travis Fine and Mr. Isaac Leyva, director and the starring cast from the popular movie “Any Day Now”
<Ms. Tomoka Fujimori, Bitters End (a promotion company) and Ms Ayako Sakazaki, Tokyo >

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Infant Development Consultation No.225
Remembering all moments of growth of my son
<Mr. Hiroshi Kurakata, a father>

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Message from the Directors: May

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Notes from the Office: 5/1~5/31

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Information Bulletin

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages eight and nine.

JDS News, July comment on cover page

Michiko Kobayashi, 13-year-old freshman in junior high school from Fukui Prefecture, enjoys dancing with hula-hoop which she originally started for dieting purposes.