JDS News, June 2014 issue contents

Greeting from the administrative staff of JDS Secretariat~

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Annual schedule for the fiscal year 2014

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[Reporting on WDSD] Various events held all over Japan! spacer p.4
In Osaka: rhythms of Takeo makes everyone smile and dance! spacer
In Kagoshima: An hour trip on a reserved trolley car spacer
In Kobe: 1,500 people gathered at the first “Break It!” event spacer
In Hiroshima: A thankful event of “Angelfish Music Festival”


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Voices of the Self-advocates (No.8)
“Three years have passed since I started working. I want to thank my mother for her everyday support, and it’s my dream to take my family on a family trip.”
<Mr. Kazuki Shiota, 21 years old, Hiroshima>

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Cover story: I am filled with joy that I am the mother of my son!
<Ms. Misae Katsumata, Kanagawa Prefecture>

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Two films appealing World Down Syndrome Day
<Mr. Takashi Tokoyoda, Director of a film “Takeo” >

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Account on the “Happiness for all, Clover,” JDS support group for siblings of children with Down Syndrome
<Ms. Kazue Fujii>

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[Copy of a book report which won a prize in the 59th book report competition in Yamanashi] On the book “Expecting Adam”
<Mr. Taishi Yamazaki, senior student in a junior high school, Yamanashi>

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Photo exhibition “Angels of “+Happy” Thank you for your tenderness” ~ the 3rd photo exhibition coordinated by mothers of the children with Down syndrome~
<Ms. Yurie Sahashi, Aichi Prefecture>

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On the writing of “disability” and “people with Down Syndrome”

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[Reprints now available!]
“Hello, and let’s be friends!” ~for the children who goes into group environment for the first time~ a mini book series on Down syndrome

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”Anshin Hoken (insurance)” by Zenchi Kyosai

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Infant Development Consultation No.224
Graduating Infant Development Consultation
<Ms. Ayako Tominaga, a mother>

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Message from the Directors: April

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Notes from the Office: 4/1~4/30

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Information Bulletin

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages eight and nine.

JDS News, June comment on cover page

Keiichiro Katsumata, 7-year-old boy who became a freshman in an elementary school in April, continues challenging many things with his parents.