JDS News, May 2014 issue contents

Thank you for the donation for WDSD related events! ~List of donors~

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“Hello, and let’s be friends!” ~for the children who goes into group environment for the first time~ a mini book series on Down syndrome

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[Reporting on WDSD]
Moving event commemorating WDSD in Tokyo

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Dinner with 200 members from all over Japan celebrating a new JDS

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[Reporting on WDSD]
Photo Exhibition “Shifting Perspectives” with over 1400 visitors

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[Reporting on WDSD]
Awareness raising poster on Down Syndrome published in Dentsu Monthly

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[Reporting on WDSD] Various events held all over Japan! spacer p.9
Osaka Branch: 197 messages received for the “message tree” in Osaka spacer
Everyone shines with smiles at the 2nd “M.O.D.S.” event (a music event) in Tokyo spacer
Yamanashi Branch: A meaningful forum to exchange talks with professionals on issues on caring for mother and child with Down Syndrome spacer
Nara Kita Branch: Reducing anxiety by knowing specifics at the open seminar on money management after parents’ passing away spacer
Kagawa Branch: Giving out leaflets on Down Syndrome by persons with Down Syndrome themselves

[Copy of Kagawa branch newsletter article] WDSD events in Tokyo

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Voices of the Self-advocates (No.7)
“What I enjoy today” <Ms. Hisaka Nagata, 26 years old, Tokyo>

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[Books] spacer p.13
“I love you, mom” spacer
“Manuals on assessment and making individual support plan for people with intellectual disabilities”

The 24th, and the last, meeting of “Happiness for all, Clover,” JDS support group for siblings of children with Down Syndrome

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Infant Development Consultation No.223
On eating for the “light-eating” children
<Ms. Hiroko Ito, Infant Development Consultation experiencer>

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Message from the Directors: March

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Notes from the Office: 3/1~3/31

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Information Bulletin

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JDS News, May comment on cover page

Moving finale, singing “Wings to fly” in chorus with the entire audience, at the World Down Syndrome Day event held at Sougakudo of Tokyo University of the Arts on March 21, 2014.