JDS News, April 2014 issue contents

Notification of JDS office move and greeting from Junko Nakanishi, the newly appointed Office director

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Events related to WDSD and Down Syndrome Awareness Month in March spacer p.3
WDSD 2014 -Health Poster- spacer p.3
Various events to be held in Japan
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Awareness raising poster on Down Syndrome
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Donation would be appreciated for WDSD related events
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List of people donated for WDSD
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T-shirt for WDSD 2014

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Reporting on the 8th seminar on adulthood issues
“Follow-up seminar with various case studies”

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Cover story: The whole family refreshes with horse-riding
<Yuko Otani, Aich Prefecture>

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Voices of the Self-advocates (No.6)
“My daily life and future”
<Mr. Maya Takahashi, 27 years old, Tokyo>

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On the publishing of the book “There is no life that is “better never to have been”
<Kouko Iwamoto, Kagoshima Prefecture>

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[Copy of Newsletter Article] Considering “Tsunami Tendenko” from the perspectives of people with disabilities
<Mr. Ichiji Makiguchi, Chief Director, Yumekaze Foundation>

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[Advertisement] Zenchi Insurance for people with disabilities

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High School Students facing the pre-natal testing (no.2)
~From the 16th Essay Contest at Surugadai Kofu High School in 2012~
“Considering pre-natal testing”
<Ms. Saeko Kawataki (a senior student in 2012)>

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“Hello, and let’s be friends!” ~for the children who goes into group environment for the first time~ a mini book series on Down Syndrome

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Infant Development Consultation No.222
My experience from consulting on eating (no.2)
<Ms. Mari Igarashi, a consultation staff >

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Reporting on the 2nd meeting of Asia-Pacific Down Syndrome Federation

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“Treasure that came on the holy night”

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Message from the Directors: February

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Notes from the Office: 2/1~2/28

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Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on the pages ten and eleven.

JDS News, April comment on cover page

Kotaro Otani, 6-year-old boy, rides a pony named Hanako with a great balance only after 10 months since he started taking horse therapy lessons.