JDS News, March 2014 issue contents

JDS Secretariat has moved to a new office in Otsuka, Tokyo.

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General Poster for World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) 2014

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Events related to WDSD and Down Syndrome Awareness Month in March spacer p.4
Dinner party for JDS members, “Step Forward Together” a commemorative event in Tokyo, and “Shifting Perspectives” a photograph exhibition from England spacer p.4
Donation would be appreciated for WDSD related events
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Other events to be held all over Japan
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Awareness raising poster on Down Syndrome
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Reporting on the 25th anniversary concert of JDS Gunma Branch
“Culmination of 25 years of our activities”
<Fumiko Nagashima, Gunma Branch>

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Transition to a public interest incorporated foundation (vol.5)
<Masanori Tanimoto, Welfare J United Corporation>

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Adults with Down Syndrome: This is my life!
Participating International Piano Festival for people with disabilities in Vienna
<Ms. Tomoko Kawashima, Okayama Prefecture>

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“We want to work at a hotel! We want to try it!”
~With the cooperation of Intercontinental Hotels Group~
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From Study tour to trial employment at ANA Intercontinental Hotel in Tokyo spacer
On-the-job trial at ANA Crown Plaza Hotel in Hiroshima spacer
High School Students facing the pre-natal testing (no.1)
~From the 16th Essay Contest at Surugadai Kofu High School in 2012~
“Pre-natal testing and the happiness of the family”
<Ms. Eri Kobatsu (a sophomore student in 2012)>

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The16th meeting of “Down Syndrome intervention group of Japn” will be held in Nara

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Would you like to appear on the cover page of JDS News?

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[Books] spacer p.16
There is no life that is “better never to have been” ~on the pre-natal testing ~ spacer
A society that selects lives ~prenatal testing today~ spacer
The new pre-natal diagnosis and “selecting lives” spacer
Wailing House

[Copy of Newspaper Article] To remove “the first grade hurdle”

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Infant Development Consultation No.221
My experience from consulting on eating (no.1)
<Ms. Mari Igarashi, a consultation staff >

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Photographs from the Seasons’ Greeting cards

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Message from the Directors: January

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Notes from the Office: 1/1~1/31

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Information Corner

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*Three siblings of Ikeda family, taken from the new year’s greeting card, appeared on the cover page.

JDS News, March comment on cover page