JDS News, January 2014 issue contents

JDS Secretariat has moved to a new office in Otsuka, Tokyo.

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Events related to the World Down Syndrome Day in next March spacer p.3
Down Syndrome Awareness month spacer p.3
“Step Forward Together” a commemorative event in Tokyo
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“Shifting Perspectives” a photograph exhibition from England
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Donation would be appreciated for WDSD related events
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Early registration is recommended!
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Sale of an original “Step Forward Together” T-shirt

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Reporting on a seminar on financial management after parents’ demise

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Cover story: spacer p.8
“I want to support my daughter so that she can shine with smiles”
<Minori Takeda, Miyagi Prefecture >

Documenting the classroom with Ai-chan
<Masaki Takakura, Tohoku branch of Yomiuri Shimbun >

18th JDS National round-seminar in Fukushima
Wishing to prevail understanding of and cooperation for persons with Down syndrome among all the people

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[ Copy of an article from newsletter of Fukushima branch] “To be born”
<Mr. Michiaki Nemoto, Fukushima Prefecture>

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Celebrating 40 years of being Kumamoto Branch “Our mission is to continue”
<Mr. Seiji Fujimoto, Chair, JDS Kumamoto Branch>

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National Forum for Japan Patients Association

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JDS booth at the Japan Society of Human Genetics

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[Essay Relay from Medical Tribune, November 2013 vol.46 No.46 p.24]
“Things I was taught from babies and children with Down Syndrome and their families”
<Dr. Takeo Sakai, Director, Sakai Takeo Baby’s clinic, Sendai, Miyagi prefecture>

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Infant Development Consultation No.219
Let’s play with adults No.3
<Ms. Kaori Hosokawa, a consultation staff >

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Result of questionnaire: first grade of elementary school 2012 (3)

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[Reporting on a seminar (copy)] Our Stance on the new prenatal testing at the Okayama Medical Center

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Message from the Directors: November

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Notes from the Office: 11/1~11/30

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Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on page eight and nine.

JDS News, January comment on cover page

Ai Takeda, 10-year-old girl from Miyagi prefecture,
challenges various things with full of energy and smiles.