JDS News, December 2013 issue contents

JDS Secretariat has moved to a new office in Otsuka, Tokyo.

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Events related to the World Down Syndrome Day in next March spacer p.3
“Shifting Perspectives” a photograph exhibition from England spacer p.4
Models wanted for the exhibition “Shifting Perspectives”

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Transition to a public interest incorporated foundation (vol.3)
<Masanori Tanimoto, Director of Marketing, Tsuji Hongo Tax Accountant Corporation>

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17th JDS National round-seminar in Niigata
Considering the necessary support for different stages in life

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Publication of a Japanese translation of “Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome – A Guide to Emotional and Behavioral Strength and Challenges –

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Cover story: spacer p.8
“Feeling a big potential for my son’s friendliness and tenderness” spacer
“Introducing the newly formed JDS Kagoshima branch office
<Kiyoshi Hamasaki, Kagoshima Prefecture >

Reporting on a seminar "We are leading a bright lives!” from Sendai

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JDS submitted a letter of query to the Ministry on Health and Welfare on the newspaper article published by Asashi Shimbun on pre-natal testing

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A special lecture on Down Syndrome given to and feedback letters received from the students at the Wakayama Medical University
<Toshiki Miyamoto, Wakayama Prefecture>

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Celebrating the 40 years of Hiyoko Nursury school
<Teruko Nakano, Representative>

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Three months of my stay in Japan ~with many thanks~
<Ms. Hannah Groshong from the U.S.A.>

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Advertisement of “Anshin Hoken” an insurance by Zenchi

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Voices of Siblings participated as volunteers at the 22nd meeting of “Happiness for all, Clover,” JDS support group for siblings of children with Down Syndrome

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Infant Development Consultation No.218
Development in communication skills <Ms. Hiroko Ueki, a consultation staff >

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○Chat of Philosophical fathers ~lives with daughters with Down syndrome and Autism~

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A leaflet introducing consultation activities by JDS

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Message from the Directors: October

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Notes from the Office: 10/1~10/31

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Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on page eight and nine.

JDS News, December comment on cover page

Takuto Hamasaki, an avtive 5-year-old boy from Kagoshima prefecture, enjoys participating in festivals and athletic games held at the pre-school nursery.