JDS News, November 2013 issue contents

JDS Secretariat is moved to a new office in Otsuka, Tokyo.

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[Newspaper Article] Having Down syndrome is one form of diversity, an awareness seminar to be held in Niigata

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Reporting on the 3rd Tohoku block and 33rd Shikoku block liaison meetings of JDS branches

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Reporting on the 3rd Tohoku block and 33rd Shikoku block liaison meetings of JDS branches

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Remembering Ms. Toshiko Niwa, who devoted her life towards better living of persons with Down syndrome

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Memory of Teacher Toshiko Niwa <Yuko Ohe, Kanagawa Pref.>

Quatation from “Looking My mother’s life: Toshiko Niwa, Doctor of Literature”

Events related to the World Down Syndrome Day in next March

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Recruiting participants for “Shifting Perspectives” a photo exhibition originating from England

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Publication of a Japanese translation of “Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome – A Guide to Emotional and Behavioral Strength and Challenges –

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Reporting on the 8th Tokyo Meeting: an invaluable opportunity to deliver the real voices of the people with intellectual disabilities and supporting organizations

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Cover story:
“Music gives my son a confidence” <Chiaki Yakubo, Niigat>

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On the media coverage on “medicine for Down Syndrome”
<Kunio Tamai, Chief Director of JDS>

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Care for the pregnant women to connect them to genetic counseling
<Satoko Nakagome, Chief Director, Genetic Nursing Association of Japan, and Professor, Graduate school of Medical Engineering, Yamanashi University>

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Reporting from a school classroom (No.2)
~Power and potential of ICT which may change the practices in education for children with intellectual disabilities~
<Mr. Koichi Sato, school teacher, Special Education School of Miyagi University>

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Voices of the Self-advocates (No.5)
“About my married life” <Ms. Yuko Uehara, 42 years old, Hokkaido>

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Great performance with a gigantic Japanese calligraphy by my daughter at the opening ceremony of National Athletic Meet
<Yasuko Kanazawa, Tokyo>

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Voices of Siblings participated as volunteers at the 22nd meeting of “Happiness for all, Clover,” JDS support group for siblings of children with Down Syndrome

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○To the persons wavering on prenatal testing – Choosing not to choose a child

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Result of questionnaire: first grade of elementary school 2013 (2)

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Infant Development Consultation No.217
Many thanks to many people! <Ms. Yasue Seki, a mother >

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Advertisement of 17th JDs National round-seminar in Niigata

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Message from the Directors: August/September

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Notes from the Office: 8/1~9/30

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Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on page ten.

JDS News, November comment on cover page

Naoki Yakubo, 17years-old from Niigata prefecture, now plays the electric piano, his favorite instrument since the childhood, on a various stages.