JDS News, September/October 2013 issue contents

JDS Secretariat is moving to a new office in late September ~because of this, JDS News is issued as a combined number for September/October issue.

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Towards the high level meeting on the disability and development
<Mr. Naoto Hisajima, Minister, Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations>

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Transition to a public interest incorporated foundation (vol.2)
<Masanori Tanimoto, Director of Marketing, Tsuji Hongo Tax Accountant Corporation>

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Reporting on the 15th Chugoku liaison meeting of JDS branches and associate branches and 15th anniversary of Okayama Branch: Everybody – adults and children – enjoyed the programs!

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[Newspaper Article] Enjoy the photographs and raise awareness on Down Syndrome ~ a photograph taken by the persons with Down Syndrome and their families

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Reporting on the 32nd Kyushu liaison meeting of JDS branches and associate branches in Fukuoka: Heated programs beat the summer heat!

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Let’s reconsider the terminologies

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What is “genetic counseling”?
<Ms. Kayoko Saito, Director and Professor, Institute of Medicare Genetics, Tokyo Women’s Medical University>

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Cover story:
“Delivering messages as a parent of a child with Down Syndrome to students who are studying to become midwives”<Keiko Otake, Kyoto>
“Messenger of her feelings” <Naomi Utsumi, midwife at Nako Maternity Center>

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“Restoring the right to vote for persons under the adult wardship <vol.2>
“My Thought and Desire” <Seikichi Nagoya, Ibaraki>

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○Classroom with Ai-chan

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Reporting from a school classroom (No.1)
~Classroom Practices to face with children with Down syndrome~
<Mr. Koichi Sato, school teacher, Special Education School of Miyagi University>

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Result of questionnaire: first grade of elementary school 2013 (1)
<Seikichi Nagoya, Ibaraki>

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Infant Development Consultation No.216
Let’s play with adults! (2)
<Kaori Hosokawa, Infant development consultation staff >

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Advertisement of 17th JDs National round-seminar in Niigata

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Message from the Directors: July

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Notes from the Office: 7/1~31

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Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages twelve and thriteen.

JDS News, September/October comment on cover page

Kako Otake, 3years-old from Kyoto prefecture, who exhibit her emotions with her whole body, is now the symbol of happiness to her family.