JDS News, August 2013 Issue Contents

Suspension of the bid for the World Down Syndrome Congress 2018
<Kunio Tamai, Representative Director of JDS>

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On the start of a “clinical study” using new non-invasive Prenatal Genetic Testing

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Transition to a public interest incorporated foundation (vol.1)
<Masanori Tanimoto, Director of Marketing, Tsuji Hongo Tax Accountant Corporation>

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Now it’s easier to make a donation to JDS as a public interest incorporated foundation!

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Voices of the Self-advocates (No.4)
“There is no difference in the importance of life. I protest the new prenatal diagnostic testing as it may lead to screening of Life!”
<Ms. Aya Iwamoto, 39 years old, Kagoshima>

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Reporting on the national training seminar for consulting staff:
Two days that sincerely faced with “life”

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Cover story:
“Thank you Taiwan!” <Mamiko Suzuki, Hyogo>
Music Concert between Taiwan and Japan connected music as well as our heart
<Mr. Chen, Director of Taiwanese association of Music for persons with disabilities>

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“I want to be a tax payer”
A Speech made at the United Nations Headquarter in New York City on March 21st for World Down Syndrome Day (no.2)
<Kazuki Kobayashi, Miyagi>

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○Classroom Practices to raise children with Down Syndrome vigorously
 ~Data and Techniques from Classrooms~
○Your Baby with Down’s Syndrome ~A message from mummy’s tummy~

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The 21st gathering of “Happiness for all, Clover” - JDS support group for siblings of children and people with Down Syndrome
Growth of children both internally and externally

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Dream Energy Project – a school for persons with intellectual disabilities
– opened in Yokohama
<Tomoko Utsumi, Representative of Dream Energy Project>

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Restoring the right to vote for persons under the adult wardship Outline of the story
<Seikichi Nagoya, Ibaraki>

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JDS’s standpoint on the use of the terms “Disabilitiy” and “~ with Down syndrome”

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Reporting on the Kanto-Koshinetsu liaison meeting of JDS branches and associate branches

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Medical advice:
Why is it necessary for children to spend time in general kindergartens and nurseries?

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“Anshin –assuring- Insurance” by Zenchi Kyousai recommended

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Message from the Directors: June

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Notes from the Office: 6/1~30

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Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages eight and nine.

JDS News, August comment on cover page

Aya Kawashima and Rintaro Suzuki (the two standing in the middle) pose with four Taiwanese peers, after participating in Taiwan-Japan music concert for musicians with Down Syndrome held in Taichung, Taiwan, in April.