JDS News, July 2013 Issue Contents

First meeting of the Board of Councilors after the new start of JDS as a public interest incorporated foundation>

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New members of the Board of Councilors, Directors, and Auditors

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JDS’s standpoint on the use of the terms “Disabilitiy” and “~ with Down syndrome”

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Celebrating 10 years of spread of Hermann Harp in Japan
Pure melody of Hermann Harp spreading more and more
<Akira Kajiwara, President, Hermann Veeh Harp Japan Limited>

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[Newspaper Article] Voting rights for the adult wards
“I am going to the next election.” Adult ward plaintiffs under the adult guardianship system joy for the victory

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Cover story:
We are thankful to Sousuke for tieing our family strongly together
<Ayano and Kenichi Iwaki, Aichi>

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“A job for Now and Future”
A Speech made at the United Nations Headquarter in New York City on March 21st for World Down Syndrome Day
<Setsuko Fujiyama, JDS Hiroshima branch>

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Seeking the most appropriate place of education for my daughter by overcoming a number of obstacles (no.2)
<Masako Yamamoto, Tokyo>

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Summer seminar series on Education for children with disabilities at Children’s Castle for year 2013

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Would you like to appear on the cover page?

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What I found from the movie “Takeo”
~Report on Chicago International Movie & Music Festival~
<Takashi Toyokoda, Director of the movie “Takeo”, Film Group “Low Position” >

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Infant Development Consultation No.215
Communication and Language
<Kazue Fujii, Infant development consultation staff >

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Voices of the Self-advocates (No.3)
“I have been working at a supermarket for 7 years. I am leading a happy life every day.”
<Mr. Masahiro Chino, 25 years old, Tokyo>

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Medical advice:
Thoughts on the prenatal testing once again

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[Notice] Eighth seminar on adulthood issues of persons with Down syndrome

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Message from the Directors: May

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Notes from the Office: 5/1~4/31

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Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages eight and nine.

JDS News, June comment on cover page

Sousuke Iwaki (two years old, Aichi), now getting good at standing up after overcoming medical complications, holds his favorite pose.