JDS News, June 2013 Issue Contents

Greeting on the new start of JDS as a public interest incorporated foundation
< Kunio Tamai, Representative Director of JDS>

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Activities of JDS for the FY 2013

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Commanding speech made at the World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD)
conference held at the United Nations headquarter on March 21
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[Newspaper Article]
Ten years of on-the-job training for children with Down Syndrome gave confidence to children and broadened understanding towards their employment in the society
●Participated in the Conference “Rights to Work” on WDSD
  <Setsuko Fujiyama, JDS Hiroshima branch>
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[Newspaper Article]
Life under vacillation – voices to seek more fundamental arguments on the new prenatal testing
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●To the JDS Board of Directors <Kazuki Kobayashi, Miyagi>

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Cover story: Seeking the most appropriate place of education
For my daughter by overcoming a number of obstacles (no.1)
<Masako Yamamoto, Tokyo>

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Report on the World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) related activities
○March 23rd: A music concert in Otemachi, Tokyo
○March 30th: A live concert in Aoyama, Tokyo
○March 31st: “Barrier-free Collaboration 2013” in Aichi
○April 6th: Dancing live in Kadoma, Oasaka

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Voices of the Self-advocates (No.2)
“I tell you about my fun life at my workplace, my favorite idle group Arashi, and my favorite hobby dancing.”
<Ms. Megumi Wada, 30 years old, Tokyo>

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Appeal by JDS – adopted on March 20th

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A monthly magazine “Hataraku Ba (working place)” to support working of the people with disabilities

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Reporting: Celebration party of the independence of South Africa
<Mami Koresawa, Information & Public Relations officer, JDS>

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Activities by self-advocates of the people with intellectual disabilities Seminar by All Japan Liason Council of Self-advocates

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Reporting: Research on sleep apnea syndrome by Kyushu University for which JDS provided support (no.2)

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Infant Development Consultation No.214
Raising Haruki as working parents
<Hiroshi and Kasumi Kishibe, parents, Kanagawa>

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Medical advice

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”Anshin Hoken (insurance)” by Zenchi Kyosai

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Message from the Directors: April

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Notes from the Office: 4/1~4/30

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Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages eight and nine.

JDS News, June comment on cover page

Akane Yamamoto (six-year-girl, Tokyo) became an elementary school pupil after graduating from a children’s nursery where she spent five years with her friends on March 20th.