JDS News, April 2013 Issue Contents

Application to become a public interest incorporated foundation submitted in January

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The 7th seminar on adulthood issues <a winter follow-up>
What is it to support one’s true inner feelings of people with Down Syndrome

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On the World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD)
1.45 million yen have been raised for awareness-raising activities related to WDSD – Thank you very much for your donation! spacer p.4
Domestic and Overseas Photograph exhibition in Osaka “WDSD Photo Exhibition in Osaka” and “Down Syndrome – Family Eyes – Shifting Perspectives” spacer p.5
Events on WDSD around Japan spacer p.6
Mr. Kobayashi and Ms. Fujimoto will give presentations at the WDSD event to be held at the UN Headquarter on March 21 (New York time)

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Cover story: “Be yourself and Shine!!”
<Ms. Aiko Komatsu, Chiba>

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New prenatal diagnostic testing to come into practice in April
Publication of a guideline on new prenatal testing using maternal blood

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Reporting on the Asia-Pacific Down Syndrome Forum
<Kazuhiro Takemura, International Information Officer, Public Relations & Information Committee>

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[Newspaper Article] Setting a favorable environment to utilize skills of persons with disabilities ~ corresponding to the new legally binding target on employment of people with disabilities

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Participated in the Sixth World Championships for Down Syndrome Swimming (Part 2)
<Keiko Okamura (parent) and Tomoko Uchiyama (team manager)>

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The 20th gathering of “Happiness for all, Clover” - JDS support group for siblings of children and people with Down Syndrome Had a good play on an early spring day
<Ms. Kana Nakagawa (a volunteer)>

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Infant Development Consultation No.212
Development of Locomotor Functions
<Chizuko Chino, infant development consultation staff>

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[Books] spacer p.18
Yunta's growth record -I am raising a child with Down Syndrome spacer
<reprint> Holding hands in hands – parents of children with intellectual and metal disabilities

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Medical advice

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Awareness-raising posters and advertisement on Down Syndrome

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Awareness-raising Advertisement on Down Syndrome put in the Dentsu News

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Message from the Directors: February

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Notes from the Office: 2/1~2/18

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Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages eight and nine.

JDS News, April comment on cover page

Shingo Kobayashi (fifteen years old, Chiba) who graduated from a junior high school in March, smiles in unity with his brother, Shogo, seventeen years old, and his sister Sawa, ten years old.