JDS News, March 2013 Issue Contents

On the World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) spacer
JDS event to be held on March 20, 2013 to celebrate WDSD spacer p.3
Pre-event on WDSD to be held on March 17, 2013 at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya spacer p.3
On the messages from people with Down Syndrome, Fashion show and WDSD T-shirt spacer p.4
Your donations will help us in undertaking awareness-raising activities related to WDSD spacer p.5
March to be designated as the Down Syndrome Awareness-Raising Month! spacer p.5
Events on WDSD around Japan spacer p.6
Making of “Awareness-raising posters and advertisement on Down Syndrome” <Ms. Ginko Yoshioka, mother of Tomoko Yoshioka, the model in the poster and the advertisement, Kanagawa> spacer p.7
Awareness-raising posters and advertisement on Down Syndrome spacer p.8
Awareness-raising Advertisement on Down Syndrome put in the Dentsu News

spacer p.9
Cover story: “Hard, but fulfilling college life”
<Ms. Kazuyo Yasumitsu, Yamaguchi>

spacer p.10
Saya Kamiko, an actress with Down Syndrome, plays an important role in the movie “Daijyobu (it’s alright) Class 3”
<Mr. Kenzo Abe, Chief producer, Movie Planning Section, Toho Co.>

spacer p.12
Notes on my daughter’s appearance in “Daijyobu (it’s alright) Class 3”
<Ms. Hiroko Kamiko>

spacer p.13
Participated in the Sixth World Championships for Down Syndrome Swimming
<Hideyuki Kotorida and Hiroyuki Fujimoto>

spacer p.14
[Newspaper Article] People with Intellectual Disabilities; Nursing Assistance for promoting more fulfilling employment
<National Cancer Center>

spacer p.15
【Reprint from JDS website】To the people with Down Syndrome

spacer p.16
【Reprint from the Japanese Society of Child Neurology (JSCN) website】 Opinion of JSCN on the new prenatal genetic testing
<Mr. Kousaku Ono, Chief Director, JSCN>

spacer p.17
Infant Development Consultation No.211 Let’s play with adults! (plays for babies around 0 – 1 year old)
<Kaori Hosokawa, infant development consultation staff>

spacer p.18
The 7th seminar on adulthood issues <a winter follow-up>
Case studies towards problem-solving

spacer p.20
Would you like to host the venue of 2013 national rotation seminar?

spacer p.20
Medical advice

spacer p.21
Reviewing differences between gene, DNA, and genome

spacer p.21
Message from the Directors: January

spacer p.22
Notes from the Office: January

spacer p.22
Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages ten and eleven.

JDS News, March comment on cover page

Kousei Yasumitsu, nineteen years old, Yamaguchi, is enjoying study and extracurricular activities as a senior student at a 4-year college (as of April 2012).
<The photograph was taken last summer, when Kousei joined a study tour to Korea sponsored by the college religious center where he interacted with Korean students.>