JDS News, February 2013 Issue Contents

New Year’s Greetings from Kunio Tamai, Chief Director of JDS

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On the World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD)
○JDS event to be held on March 20, 2013 to celebrate WDSD
○Your donations will help us in undertaking awareness-raising activities
 related to WDSD
○March to be designated as the Down Syndrome Awareness-Raising Month!
○Events on WDSD around Japan


The 7th seminar on adulthood issues <a winter follow-up>
Case studies towards problem-solving

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Would you like to host the venue of 2013 national rotation seminar?

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Cover story: “Before opening the new horizon”
<Ms. Chizuko Ikeda, Tokyo>

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Hiyoko nursery school is looking for new comers to join them in April 2013

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On the “Prenatal diagnosis testing spacer
Opinions on prenatal genetic testing using maternal blood (a reprint from the December 2012 issue of “Triangle,” the monthly bulletin of Parent Society for Raising Children with Down Syndrome in Kyoto)
<by Kazuko Sasaki, Kyoto>

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JDS’s Position Statement on the release of “(tentative) Guidelines on prenatal genetic testing using maternal blood”

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Special lecture at Wakayama Medical University: ”There is a problem with your baby? Do you give birth to the baby?”
<by Toshiki Miyamoto, Wakayama>

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Infant Development Consultation No.210
Enjoy the interaction with your child
<Kazue Fujii, infant development consultation staff>

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New Years’ Card to JDS

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Visiting Ambassador Pheko at the South African Embassy
<Mami Koresawa, JDS Public Relations and Information Officer >

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Notice of the revision of the premium from Zenchi Insurance Company

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Medical advice

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You are invited to appear on the top page of JDS News!

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Message from the Directors: November

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Notes from the Office: December

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Information Corner

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*For the cover story, read the family’s account on pages eight and nine.

JDS News, January comment on cover page

Kazuki Ikeda, three years old, Tokyo, will graduate from Hiyoko nursery school in March, taking a strong step toward a new life in April.