JDS News, January 2013 Issue Contents

Tokyo Assembly with the theme of “Streamlining the living space and service use planning that is the centered around the handicapped person him/her-self”

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JDS ran a booth at the National forum of obstinate and chronic disease

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JDS event to be held on March 20, 2013 to celebrate the World Down SyndromeDay

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Your donations will help us in undertaking the awareness-raising activities related to the World Down Syndrome Day

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March to be designated as the Down Syndrome Awareness-Raising Month!

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On the “Prenatal diagnosis – considering the prenatal genetic testing using maternal blood” presented at the Open Symposium held by Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology
<Hiroshi Usui, JDS Public Relations and Information Officer, and the former Chief Director of JDS, Saitama>

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Heartfelt talks by Ms. Shoko and Yasuko Kanazawa in autumnal Kyoto
<Masaaki Imai, President of eiYAAA Company, Osaka>

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The very meaningful first gathering of “Blue Ship” group -a support group for children and people with hearing difficulties with Down Syndrome- in Osaka

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You are invited to appear on the top page of JDS News!

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(cover story)
Grateful for all the encounters in the 20 years <Kayoko Soma, Saitama>

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The 19th gathering of “Happiness for all, Clover” - JDS support group for siblings of children and people with Down Syndrome
Everyone is a generous cameraman?! -- from the first photo-taking event

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Dietary Life for healthy mind and body
<Akiko Morishita, Consultation staff, JDS Okayama Branch, Okayama>

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The 7th seminar on adulthood issues <a winter follow-up>
Case studies towards solving problems

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Comments received from a Dutch psychologist on the movie “Takeo”

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Result of questionnaire: first grade of elementary school 2012 (5: final)

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(Infant Development Consultation No.209)
Advice on Life in General <Chizuko Chino, infant development consultation staff>

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JDS booth at the Japan Society of Human Genetics

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”Buddy Walk” - a charity event originated in the U.S.A.- successfully completed in Yoyogi, Tokyo

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(Medical advice)

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Message from the Directors: November

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Notes from the Office: November

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Information Corner

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*for the cover story, read the article and newspaper reprint on pages eight to ten.

JDS News, January comment on cover page

Emi Soma poses in an elegant traditional Japanese Costume, Kimono, at the coming-of-age ceremony in January 2012.