JDS News, September 2012 Issue Contents

The sixteenth JDS national rotating seminar to be held in Hachinohe, Aomori
“What is Down Syndrome?: Understanding, enlightenment and support.
<Report on 2012 workshop for JDS counselors (2)>
Welfare service for the handicapped and how to conduct consultation (second day)
<cover story>
My daughter doing well physically and mentally at preschool <Kaori Koseki, Kanagawa>
How many times was I told “I love you!” <Sumito Kojima, Director, Kakinomi preschool>
(reprint) feature article “update of education for people/children with Down syndrome” (6): Families support Down Syndrome<Takashi Egami, Director, JDS> p.8
You are invited to be on the top page of JDS News!p.10
<Adulthood page: we are now!>
I realized how much my son grew up through having the first individual exhibition <Rekiko Honma, Tokyo>
<Report on lecture organized by Kodomo no Shiro (2)>
Transition of people with Down Syndrome ~ health care at the youth and adulthood age~ <Makoto Higurashi, practical inheritance specialist/pediatrician>
Result of questionnaire: first grade of elementary school 2012 (1)p.16
(Infant Development Consultation No.205)
About eating <Chizuko Chino, infant development consultation staff>
Thank you message for Mr. Nakano, who was in charge of accounting of JDS for 20 years!!p.20
(Medical advice)p.20
Message from the Directors: Julyp.21
Notes from the Office: Julyp.21
Information Cornerp.22
*for the cover story, read the family’s account on pages from six and seven.

JDS News, September 2012, comments on cover page

Rina Koseki (7 years old, Kanagawa, on wheelchair at the center) is enjoying her life at preschool with full support (Natsumi Maruyama, preschool teacher, left in center line and Tokuko Aoki, medical care support staff, right in back line)