JDS News, August 2012 Issue Contents

<Report on JDS Seminar on adulthood for parents>
For better adulthood and to have happy life at adulthood age
<Report on 2012 workshop for JDS counselors (1)>
Framework of welfare services for the handicapped “Law on support for independence of the handicapped”
<cover story>
The most important thing is “to raise the soul” <Keiko Kobayashi, Tokyo>
(reprint) feature article “update of education for people/children with Down syndrome” (5): support for self control function by learning how to “ask”-approach using a frame of reference of internal growth- <Shigeru Endo, teacher of junior high school, special support school of the College of Education, Nagasaki University (present Shimabara special support school> p.9
Support for love and marriage of intellectually handicapped people <Yoshiko Mogi, attendant at group home “Hanano ie” of Tokyo Ikusei Kai for intellectually handicapped people>p.12
You are invited to be on the top page of JDS News!p.13
<Report on lecture organized by Kodomo no Shiro>
Transition of people with Down Syndrome ~ health care at the youth and adulthood age~ <Makoto Higurashi, practical inheritance specialist/pediatrician>
The 7th seminar on adulthood issues <summer>
What is the real intention of people with Down Syndrome?
Welcome to the “special wonderland” at midsummer night! <Yasumichi Tanaka, manager of special section for intellectually handicapped children and people, entertainment agency K-planning>p.17
(Infant Development Consultation No.204)
It’s been 20 years – issues changed and unchanged, some thoughts <Kaori Hosokawa, infant development consultant>
Report on lecture on “reform of system for welfare for the handicapped and support for decision making” (Osaka)p.20
(Medical advice)p.21
Advertisement of insurance companyp.21
Message from the Directors: Junep.22
Notes from the Office: Junep.22
Information Cornerp.23
*for the cover story, read the family’s account on pages six and seven.

JDS News, August 2012, comments on cover page

Masaaki Kobayashi (30 years old, Tokyo) enjoyed playing Japanese drums with friends at large concert hall with a large audience (at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo on 6 May, concert of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony)