JDS News, June 2012 Issue Contents

JDS’s home page has been entirely renewed!p.3
JDS’s schedule in 2012p.3
Appeal of JDS
“Stepping forward to the society everyone feels secure and live as he/she is”
<cover story>
No difference in value of live ~ you are the angel~ <Hiroaki Igarashi, Chiba>
(reprint) feature article “update of education for people/children with Down syndrome” (3): from early education to support for child care and care in community p.8
You are invited to be on the top page of JDS News!?p.11
(Adulthood issues: We are now!)
I want to pass on the knowledge of parents to the people I leave my son with <Chie Myo, Tokyo>
From Law on support for independence of the handicapped to the General law of welfare for the handicapped (proposal)!? p.14
(Newspaper article) Wonderful business card with my own handwritingp.15
N- “You and I, I and you – message from people with intellectual retardation”
- “Happy birthday 3.11 – stories of babies who were born on the day and their families in the disaster area”
- Down syndrome mini book “how do you do? It’s nice to know you – for the children who join the group activities for the first time”
(New) Ribbon photo frame now on salep.17
(By Japan Portage Association) The 24th lecture and research presentations on early education for the infants with development retardationp.17
(Infant Development Consultation No.202)
Meanings and characteristics of infant development consultation <Kazue Fujii, infant development consultant>
(Adulthood issues, let us think together!)
Seminar organized by JDS on adulthood issues for parents
For better and happy adulthood
<Medical advice>p.21
Advertisement of insurance companyp.21
Message from the Directors: Aprilp.22
Notes from the Office: Aprilp.22
Information Cornerp.23
*for the cover story, read the family’s account on pages six and seven.

JDS News, June 2012, comments on cover page

Kenshin Igarashi (8 years old, Chiba) with his grandmother (Hisae Kawamura) and younger brother Yuma who entered the elementary school in April.