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Japan Down syndrome Society (JDS) is a non-profit organization (see for details), committed to improving quality of life for people with Down syndrome and their families, and promoting their inherent right to be accepted and included as valued and equal members of their communities. There are about 5800 members in 55 branch groups (Dec 2014).
JDS branches all over Japan can support you to get regional infomation about Down syndrome or kids with DS. You are always welcome.

The World Down Syndrome Day: "STEP FORWARD TOGETHER 2016" Kickoff event hosted by JDS

Since 2012, we've been holding the Celebration Event for the World Down Syndrome Day in Tokyo. We have lots of plans in it.

Events throughout Japan

From February to April, every year we have many kinds of events that are planned by the branches of JDS and related organizations. You can see some photos on our official WDSD website (descriptions are only in Japanese).


ZERO PROJECT's mission is working for a world with zero barriers. In 2013 Japan's Election Law persons under adult guardianship were deprived of their right to vote.
Ms Takumi Nagoya, the plaintiff, a 50-year-old woman with Down syndrome, sued the government in February 2011.
The Tokyo District Court judged on 14 March 2013 the relevant article as unconstitutional.
As a result, the Parliament swiftly adjusted the legislation.
To the award ceremony, the following three persons attended:

  • Ms Hitomi Sugiura, the lead lawyer
  • Mr Nagoya, Ms Nagoya's father, a former director of Japan Down syndrome Society
  • Dr Nagase Osamu, a Council Member of Inclusion International, Special Member of International Activity Committee of Inclusion Japan and Special Visiting Professor at Ritsumeikan University

About Japan Down syndrome Society (Video)